Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some pics from the Chicken Cave

Here are a few pics courtesy of my good friends Shane and Alon from climbing in the Chicken Cave.

First some pics lapping the really fun 'White Tiger' 7b+/5.12c/26

Then some pics of me sending the amazing, burly 'Grevious Bodily Harm' 7c/5.12d/27

Monday, May 30, 2011

L'Echo Des Montagne

So the weather has been getting much better around here. The rain is gone, blue skies abound and climbing is the name of the game every day. It's warm, like 30+ degrees celcius every day, but its great being outside right now! Climbing, swimming in the river, cycling around: life is great at this time of year!
This week has been great. I sent a 5.12a, 5.12c and a 5.12d in 2 days climbing and then did an amazinly fun 5 pitch 5.8 with my good buddy Brian. So much fun!
Check out the pics below for a taste of what life is like here when the weather is good ;-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Petzl Roc Trip 2011 - Getu Valley, Guizhuo, China

As I have mentioned on these pages before, this years Petzl Roc Trip will be held in the amazing Getu Valley in Guizhuo Province, China... seriously, this place is BOSS, with a capital B. Seriously. Come.

Check out the link below for more information and keep your eyes peeled at the Petzl site for more info....

Petzl Roc Trip 2011 - Getu Valley


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some more pics...

So I'm a little sore today but I'm about to head to the training wall anyway. Would prefer to be at the crag but the Spring rains are here so it's on and off rain for a while and today happens to be one of those rainy days so it's bouldering, hangboard, yoga and massages today instead :)
We built a wicked hangboard in our apartment and I have written up some hangboard programs for everyone so we are all psyched :)

Here are a few more random pics from recent times... enjoy :)