Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So for one reason and another I didn't manage to get to Nowra while the conditions were good this winter, but Danny and I managed to sneak in one last session there on saturday after delivering a load of furniture (Danny is a removalist, so they paid me to help him out... haha, a paid bouldering trip, how often does that happen!)

We went to Lot 33 and warmed up on the nice easier problems at the right end of the wall before Danny jumped on the classic v7 further to the left... after a bit of work he nailed it, adding yet another hard problem to his increasingly impressive tick list.

I had done that problem some years back so decided to try the other v7 that leads in from the left to the same finish as the one Danny did... and I managed to send it after a few goes which was great :-)

This weekend were probably going to hit up North Black... then hopefully we will also get a trip in to Bungonia one weekend very soon before it starts getting too hot.

Have fun kids!

Heres a few pics from Nowra... enjoy!

Danny warming up

Me warming up

Danny on the v7 he sent

Me on the start of the v7 I sent

Friday, October 19, 2007

Here are a few pics of us on problems at Georges Boulder out on Corin road... enjoy :-)

Danny on 'Phone Sex'

Me on 'Phone Sex'

Josh on 'Leg Spinner'... a very frustrating, but fun, dyno

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sexual Innuendo?

It must be the week for sending!

Chris with his mammoth effort on The Wheel on saturday, then a bit of luck for some of us here at home...

Last night we ducked up to Corin Road after work where Danny Ewald made quick work of 'The Joker' v6... (It should be noted that Danny first ever rock climbed 5 months ago, and he is now pretty solid on the v5 - v6 range... VERY impressive!) then we ran down the hill and drove to Georges Boulder before the light failed and I managed to send 'Phone Sex' v8... my first hard problem like that in over 4 years.. so Im stoked!!!

We will be back out there Thursday this week after work as Josh & Danny are both really close to 'Phone Sex' as well... hopefully we can all send this week :-D
I'll get some more good pics of it on Thursday and get them up in here for you all to see this week!

Take care,


Monday, October 15, 2007

Chris sends 'The Wheel Of Life' v16!!!

On Saturday Chris Webb Parsons made the coveted 2nd ascent of "The Wheel Of Life' v16 (8C+) in Hollow Mountain Cave in The Grampians, Victoria, Australia.

This is such a massive achievement and I couldn't be prouder of him... awesome work mate!!!

More info, pics, etc soon, but for now here is a pic of Chris near the end of the problem courtesy of his own blog...

Good work Chris!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quiet times...

Sorry for not posting for a little while... we havent really been up to much in the last week or two...

We haed a bucks party that wrote off last weekend, then this weekend we have a wedding... so no bouldering for us...

But we have been hitting up Georges Boulder out on Corin Road after work when we can and Josh & I are reeeeaaaally close to doing 'Phone Sex' v8... we have both fallen slapping the last hold a few times now... so hopefully it will go soon! I'll be sure to let y'all know as soon as it happens :-)

Take care all, and I'll be back with good news soon hopefully!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun in the sun...

Hey all, hope we all had good weekends!

And to all those having a long weekend this weekend due to labour day... nuts to you all... Its not fair that Im stuck here at work while your all out having fun :-(

Oh well... I made up for my lack of a long weekend by thouroughly enjoying the two days I did have.

Saturday Dave Pearson and I met up with Danny Ewald and his mate Coby up at the Balkans in Sydney.
Danny and I managed a few v5's amongst a stack of other fun, easier stuff (There is so much fun stuff there!) and Coby, having never climbed a day in his life bouldered a few v3's like a natural!

Dave had a blinder of a day sending 4 x v5's, 2 v6's ('A2 is not a Tank' & 'Who Killed The Kennedys') as well as 2 v8's ('Boogie Nights' and 'Paratroopin') both is few shots!
The kid is sooooo strong at the moment and its only going to get better... might have to break his legs or something to make it a bit fairer haha Nah, farkin good stuff Dave :-)

Sunday saw Josh Higgins and I head out to Georges Boulder on Corin Dam Road to check out 'Phone Sex', a classic Canberra v8.
We warmed up by doing the v4 traverse then jumped on 'Phone Sex' only to get shut down.
We both didnt feel too strong but the problem felt way too hard for us... but after a chat with Dave last night we might have been missing the right sequence... next time might prove a bit more fruitful with the right beta... We'll see soon enough :-)

Anyhow, take care, have fun and I'll drop another line in here soon!