Monday, May 26, 2008

A few pics from the weekend

Ben on 'Zac's Arete'

Ross on 'Pinball'

Richo on 'Pinball'

Danny on a great v3 at the Hinterland

More sends at North Black

Seems to be that we are out at North Black every weekend lately! And why not... The weather has been awesome with cold, sunny days and there are so many great problems to do out there!

We started off at the Campground where Ben Fisher made quick work of 'Zac's Arete' v8, the classic of the crag. He hiked it after having worked on it last weekend, making it look easy.

After that we headed to the Hinterland where most of us did 'Pinball' v5 and Russell did really well on the tough and crimpy 'Spinball' v8.
We all then jumped on an amazing v6 at the top of the crag that went through a series of underclings with awesome movement. Ben Fisher sent it, soon followed by Danny Ewald but then one of the main flakes broke off in a huge section and left the other big flakes loose, so we have marked the problem with a big 'X'. Dont climb on it if you go there, it is likely to come of and badly injure someone. Be careful!

Last stop of the day was Dog Rock. Danny and Ross came close-ish to the two undone dyno projects there while I managed to make a quick ascent of 'Doggy Style' v8. We all finished up with a great v4 that climbs through the steep section of the crag then headed off home thoroughly exhausted and keen as mustard for next weekend!

I will try and have some photo's up this week as well.

On a side note, if you live in Canberra come and join us on tuesday and thursday nights training at the new climbing gym in hume, we have a great big crew of us there on those nights and it is proving to be a blast each time :-)

Adios for now!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More North Black

Today the crew all headed out to North Black again for an early morning start before the rain set in. And what a morning it was!

There were sends of the classic 'Socks' v6 by nearly everyone as well as several ascents of the nice v7 to the left of it. Ross also managed a rare repeat of Ky Wittich's 'Bumknut' v5(?).

Then we all jumped on the mega classic 'Zac's Arete' and I managed to get up it... although I made a complete mess of the top out (watch the video.. you will see what I mean haha)

Another top day all round :-)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in Black

Its been some time but a big crew of us headed over to North Black on saturday for a great day.

We all spent some time at The Hill where Danny did the classic v6 on the steep wall there and then Richo, Danny and I sent the roof v7 beside the steep wall.

After that we all headed to the Main Area where we all worked on the ultra classic Zac's Arete v8, everyone threw themselves at it and I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by just missing the last move... next time gadget!

We finished off with a session on a classic v6 called Socks... Richo & Mel were super close, so thats another one for next weekend too.

Can't wait to get back out there this Saturday :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Classic or Plastic?

Or both?

The weekend was a bit of a blur for me... an awesome afternoon bouldering on saturday followed by an overly long night of partying that saw sunday as a write off... but it was a good laugh :-)

Saturday arvo we headed to Pierce's Creek for a shot on the classic 'Public Enemy' v7 at the Playboy Mansion.. and finally Russell hiked it and I followed suit a short while later... it was a great time.. such a great problem, perfect sunny but cool conditions... everything autumn climbing is about!

We played on a problem at Cohiba for a while after that as the sun set then headed off for beers and shenanigans.

This week has also seen the completion of the the new climbing gym here in Canberra and its really good! Great bouldering / training set up and a great set up for all your top roping and leading desires too... and being only a few hundred metres from my work I can see a lot of training time being spent there this winter!

Heres a few pics from the weekend:

Russell and Richo at Cohiba

Me at Cohiba

Sunset over Canberra

Thursday, May 1, 2008

One year on...

So today, 1st May, is exactly a year since we all got back into climbing after many years off, and its been a fun year!

I have met some great new people, reunited with some special old friends and had a great time all round.

Everyone in our crew has come so far with their climbing in such a short time and its only making me more psyched than ever... I'm really inspired at the moment, and with so many problems out there that I am keen to do this winter and the new climbing gym due to open basically next door to my work I am sure its going to be a great winter season :-)

Heres to another killer year on the blocs!