Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some pics...

Hi all :)

So I have a been a little lazy on the photo front of late, but I do have the excuse of not having an internet connection at home, but I just have to make the effort to bring stuff in to work for you all!

Here are a few random pics that I edited in Lightroom today, I started using it a few days ago and am really liking it... so yeah, here are a few random pics of mine that I like... enjoy!

Richo in the snow at North Black last weekend

Statue in my backyard

Macro of a plant in the Grampians

Richo on an unnamed V7 at The Hill, North Black

Danny on 'Zacs Arete', V8, The Campground, North Black

The Carillon on Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra at night

Steph and her cat Mooie

Russell and Joel in the car heading to the Grampians

Richo on 'Riding Shotgun' V6, Andersons, Grampians

Sunset at Taipan Wall, Grampians

Christina on 'Flash Gordon' V8, The Kindergarten, Grampians

Monday, August 25, 2008


So its been a little while, lots has been going on and I just haven't got around to posting much, something I need to rectify!

Last weekend I didn't get out climbing at all, I just took a weekend to relax and take it easy which was nice, but the other guys got out and sent a bunch of hard stuff at North Black which was great to hear.

This weekend just gone we spent both days at North Black again (seems to be the norm lately!). Weather was crisp and saturday there was snow everywhere, which was pretty but as it melted all the higher crags that were covered in snow all got wet. I spent a little time on the sit start to Snoop Doggy Dog and nailed the first move but it might be a while before I have what it takes to put the whole thing together... will be a hard problem I think... maybe 7C+?
Saturday arvo we went to The Hill where Russell nailed the unnamed v9 on the steep wall there... awesome stuff, he absolutely cruised it! Danny and I did well on it too but not well enough to send... soon though!

Sunday we headed back to The Hill to try it again but didn't do so well. Rich sent the great little v8 round the back of the steep wall there which was awesome though!
I scrubbed up another hard project that keeps going left up the arete from that v8... every move is well 'ard... its going to be another really hard line when it goes.. So many projects to work!

The big news at the moment is that vandals have completely destroyed the problems on the steep wall at The Hill at North Black... some young motorbike riders destroyed all the lines with crowbars and hammers leaving the big undercling flake half gone and dangerously loose. We will attempt to glue what is left to avoid it falling on someone, but please spread the word about the damage to prevent anyone getting hurt by it. Also please reports any and all vandals to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. These thoughtless individuals have ruined beyond repair some of the most popular problems at the area in one fell swoop, we don't want this sort of thing happening again so keep your eyes open for signs of damage at other areas.

I will get some new photo's up soon when I have the chance.

Until then, have fun all :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Snow and Sending

This weekend saw what was possibly the biggest crew ever at North Black, about 20 people turned up to boulder at the Campground on saturday morning, there were people everywhere, the majority of which were all down from Sydney, etc!

And with a big crew came big sends, Danny and Richo finally both nabbed ascents of the ultra classic 'Zac's Arete' v8. It was awesome to see them both send this after all the hard work they have put in on it! As well as them Paul Meharg and Doug both got up this one, making it possibly the most times its been sent in a day!

Paul also made quick work of 'Socks' v6 and an unnamed v7 at the Campground. Brendan also nabbed 'Socks' for his first v6, great work man!

After all the excitement at the Campground we headed to Dog Rock where we had to walk through snow to get to the crag, a rarity in Australia!

Paul, Joel and Danny worked on 'Snoop Doggy Dog' v8, getting really close, while I worked on a low sit start into the same problem that will probably add a grade or two and a proper sit start to it.

All in all a great weekend was had. Sunday the weather was a bit bad so we rested for the day. Keen as mustard for this coming weekend as we are heading back up to Sydney, should be a blast.

Here is a pic from me and a few from Russell after that, enjoy!

Danny on 'Snoop Doggy Dog'

Paul on 'Little Bow Wow'

Me on 'Snoop Doggy Dog'

Danny on 'Snoop Doggy Dog'

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rusty's pics

Just another quick one, here is a link to my friend's Flickr page. His name is Russell Horton and he is pretty good behind a lens, have a geez at some of his pics here:


Thursday, August 7, 2008

New problems at Crumbly

Hi all,

Just a quick one, the two new problems put up at Crumbly in Sydney on saturday by Chris Webb Parsons are called 'Logical Progression' and 'Progressive Agression', both weighing in at 8B/v13.

I am also keen to start posting a bit more news from around the country as more people are starting to read my blog so if you have any new about anything climbing related just drop me a line at:, pics are always welcome too :-)

This weekend were off to North Black again, hopefully to send some more great lines that we have on our wish lists!

Watch this space!


Monday, August 4, 2008


On the weekend I headed off to Sydney to get away for a few days and visit some friends that I dont get to see enough.

Saturday we went to Crumbly where a huge crew all met up for a great day. I sent 'Anorexic' v5 pretty quickly after having been shut down by it last time I was here, then made great progress on the great 'Black Magic' v8. Will definitely be back there soon to clean that one up!

Chris was in his usual strong form and quickly dispatched two new v13/8B first ascents naming one 'Logical Progression' and leaving the other unnamed for now, will give you all a heads up when it gets named. Both are clasic hard lines with a high and commiting finish. Great stuff man :-)

This weekend some of the guys from up Sydney / Wollongong way will be trekking down to get on some nice granite treats, should be another killer weekend, can't wait!

Here are some pics from my weekend...

Chris Webb Parsons on 'Logical Progression' v13/8B

I stopped at a rest area on the highway to have a nap on my way home and met this little fella, he was way too cute to pass up a photo or two of him

A few pics...

Here are a couple of my pics from North Black the other weekend as promised :-)

Enjoy! (Feedback welcome as always!)

Danny on 'Zac's Arete' v8, The Campground

Richo on an unnamed v3, The Hill

Richo on an unnamed v7, The Hill