Monday, August 27, 2007

New V14 by Chris Webb Parsons

So I headed up to Sydney for the weekend... bumbled on a few problems at The Balkans on saturday but everything was a bit wet so options were limited... wasn't too bad though, had some fun :-)

Then Sunday Chris, Teegan, Helen, Stacey and myself headed to Sissy only to find it covered on water... so on to Crubly we went... only to find it in pretty good conditions, much to my suprise!

We all played around on a v5 at the right hand end...Helen Day & Teegan Webb Parsons managed to make it look easy, leaving me slapping the final jug on each attempt... snatching defeat from the jaws of victory haha.

Then Chris had a go at his new project at the left hand end of Crumbly, which links the start of Mushi Brain into Genesis (a 4 move v13)... he thought he would just have a go at Genesis to see how it felt, and he walked up it while still basically 'stone cold austin' as he put it... impressive to say the least.

A short rest and next shot from the start of the project he fell at the crux move... on more short rest and it was in the bag... there was a fight for the last few holds but it was well and truly in the bag.

The result?

'Catalyst' - v14 :: Sydneys hardest boulder problem? Go try it and see for yourself ;-)

Well done Chris... friggin top work!

Heres a pic of Chris on the start moves

Enjoy! :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Signature Cave

Well, after months of putting it off due to various reasons Josh and I managed to finally get out and do some problems in the big limestone caves at Wee Jasper.

The bouldering was (mainly) steep and burly roof climbing on slopers and pockets. We put up a few problems... well 4...

Decepticon - v1
Pockets Of Convenience - v3
Your Turn To Burn - v4
Captain Caveman - v5

Plus we tried one other problem that we couldn't finish that we dubbed the 'Limestone Lizzy' project, which will be tough, but doable.

There is still a fair bit to do there... maybe 15 + lines all up.
The place is a little dirty... but the rock is awesome, smooth, water worn limestone... and you can put up with the dirt for the novelty of bouldering underground in a cave by lamp light!

Heres a few pics :-)

The entrance to Signature Cave

Me on 'Decepticon'

Josh about to tackle 'Pockets Of Convenience' (out through the roof pockets in the top left of the pic)

The eerie dark...

Me on the super burly 'Captain Caveman'

'Captain Caveman' again

Pics... Finally!

So finally, as promised, here are some pics from our trip to the grampians... the weather was ok most of the time and we managed to get up some great problems, I managed to get up a stack of v5's and v6's and was well chuffed with that, so did Josh, Steph and Linda were doing highballs all over the place and Danny manage to see half of the Stapylton area in his 2 days there... we managed to even squeeze a day in bouldering at Arapiles...

All in all, a pretty fun and successful trip :-) Enjoy!

Taipan Wall, Lower Taipan & The Snake Pit (top wall to bottom wall)

Big gaston press on a v5 at Trackside

Steph, post highball at Andersons

Danny busting it out on the only day we got on a rope. Some 22 up at Spurt Wall on Taipan

Josh trying 'The Nevin Rule' at The Kindergarten

Steph at The Snake Pit

Me on a v6 at Lower Clicke

Steph and I at Loopeys

Steph bouldering at Arapiles, under the massive Tiger Wall

Me at Epsilon Wall

And last but not least...
What the..?
(an ostrich at the zoo at Halls Gap)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pics soon...

Well we are back safe and sound from the Grampians, the trip was well fun :-)

I'll post some pics of the trip soon, but in the meanwhile here is the pic Richo finally sent me of me on 'The Joker' up at Cantaloupe Hill... enjoy :-)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Update soon!

Hi all,

Well, Steph and I are still here in the Grampians, the weather isnt playing all that fair but we are getting alot done regardless :-)

Will post some pics, etc when were home in a few days :-)