Friday, October 31, 2008

Going to the mountains!

This afternoon I am heading off to the Blue Mountains for a weekend of climbing and hanging out with some great old friends of mine, Katarina & Elmar. Hopefully I will run into some other old mates too as its been some time since I saw alot of the guys from up there.

Looking forward to clipping a few bolts too... lets see if the last few weeks of endurance training has worked at all... Watch this space! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Boulders, Bolts & Backflips

So yet again I have left it a few weeks between posts, I really need to write more regularly! (Sorry Richo!)

Alot has gone on in the last few weeks so here is a bit of an overview...

A bit of mid week bouldering saw Rusty and Richo both send 'Stopping All Stations' v8/9 at Cantaloupe Hill, awesome stuff!
Then later that week on another afternoon and on his birthday no less Danny sent our v7 variant to 'The Joker' as well as 'Spruce Moose' sit start v9! Happy friggin birthday champ!

I didn't get out there on that Thursday as I went to see Cirque Du Soliel's 'Dralion'... and it was absolutely fantastic, such a great show... made me want to crack out the circus toys the minute I got home haha! If you can get along to see it I highly recommend it... awesome costumes, awesome music and amazing feats of gymnastic strength and precision... really inspiring!

The weekend saw a big crew of us head out to Hollywood to climb some routes. Yeah you heard me right... we were tieing in!
9 of us swarmed in on the little crag on saturday hanging draws on nearly every route, people climbing all over the place. It was a great day... perfect weather, good conditions, great people.. you couldn't ask for more!
We all did a whole host of the moderate routes with the highlight ticks of the day being Rusty sending the unnamed 27 at the left end of the crag and Josh and Richo sending 'Brokenwood Cricket Pitch' 25.
All in all an awesome day!

Here are a few of Rusty's pics from his Flicker page, I will post some of my own asap!

Enjoy :)

Mel on 'Chilled Right Eyeball' 17

Me on 'Chilled Left Eyeball' 20

Me cutting loose on the unnamed 27 that Rusty sent

Stu on 'Flat Head' 21

Richo taking a clip on 'Right Here Right Now' 25

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More sends and summer weather

Summer is well and truely on it's way in these parts. The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer and longer.
But despite the increasing heat things are still getting sent.
Daniel Da Silva visited again managing to send 'Vendetta' v7, the new variant to 'The Joker' which is about v7 also, and a mighty effort to send the fantastic 'Spruce Moose' v9. An awesome day, props to you man!
Below are some long promised pics of mine from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Daniel on the unnamed V7 at The Hill, North Black

Light, Camera, Action! Tor on 'Vendetta' V7, Cantaloupe Hill, Corin Dam Road

That crazy Nord, Simen, on the v3 slab at Georges Boulder, Corin Dam Road

The Hill, North Black

Tag my fist... shikading

Focus... Tor on a v4, The Hill, North Black

And rock over... Ian on a v4, The Hill, North Black

Daniel giving curry to the crux of 'Spruce Moose' v9, Cantaloupe Hill, Corin Dam Road

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's T-Shirt Weather...

Or lazing by a pool with a cocktail weather... god I love summer :)
The weather has been warming up alot the last few weeks and while it isn't great for bouldering it is great weather for barbeques, beer, sunbaking, swimming and general summertime shenanigans... So bring on the sunshine I say!
Temps have been cool in the evenings though and tuesday night saw us head out for a boulder along Corin Road. We all did the Joker a few times and worked on various projects we have there.
I jumped on 'Cerebro' v11 for the first time and suprised myself by doing reasonably well, there were only two moves I didn't do and I think with some work they should go. Will be a long time before I would be strong enough to link it all but I am happy to have such a great hard problem to project only 15 minutes from home :)
Dan Da Silva is back down for the day tomorrow to try the 'Spruce Moose' sit start again so I'll be back asap with news on how tomorrow goes for all the crew!
Over and out!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Loooooong weekend

So the long weekend has come and gone and the weather was not all that flash for bouldering due to a fair bit of rain so we took it as an excuse to chill out and have some shenanigans.

Without getting into too much detail it was a pretty loose weekend all round with two nights in a row of shenanigans involving lots of beers/bourbon/wine/champagne/long island ice teas/pipes/god knows what else, highball slabs at Georges boulder drunk and in the rain, 7 people roaring drunk and rolling around in the back of a van all round town, a spa, moderate levels of nudity, table dancing, air guitar, the first ascent of the Durham Hotel back bar traverse and me passing out and getting obscenities drawn all over me with permanent marker hahaha

Good times!!! :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Some pics from Rusty

Hi all,

Seeing as I am a bit behind with editing and posting my own pics I thought I would post some from Rusty's Flickr page.

Also, check out pics from Tor Vikan Rise and Ben Shaw on their Flickr pages, links are in the list to the right of this page.

In addition, if you have pics you would like to share, particularly of climbing around Canberra, but anywhere in Oz or abroad is fine! Just send me a link to your Flickr, or wherever you keep them online, or email them to me (dunkcranks at hotmail dot com) and I can post up links and pic... always keen for pics of our local blocs in particular :)

Enjoy these ones from Rusty! (I promise some new ones from me are coming soon haha)

Castle Hill, NZ, in miniature

The Carillon, Lake Burley Griffin, ACT

A pic from the recent World Cup at Mt Stromlo, ACT

Me on my accidental variant to JSOW at Baghdad, North Black

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Action packed!

So the last week or so has been as action packed as it can get!

The weekend saw a crew head down from the central coast to enjoy some granite treats and enjoy it they did.
I took Daniel Da Silva, Katie, Tor Vikan Rise and Simen out to Corin Road on saturday where everyone sent stuff all day long. Starting at Georges boulder everyone did the nice high slab (Simen took the fall of the season with a spectacular 540 rotation and flat on his face landing haha) as well as Tor and Daniel nabbing quick sends of 'Phone Sex' v8.
We then headed up to Cantaloupe Hill where Tor and Daniel sent 'The Joker' v6 and Daniel sent 'Blood Makes Noise' and 'O'ren Ishi' both v7.
I also jumped back onto 'Scream' v8, and after a few pink shirt earning back offs and half assed attempts I finally committed and gave my all to the final highball dyno and bagged the problem, possibly the best feeling ever, sooooo stoked!
I should note that Simen jumped onto the top section of this (sans the 'Blood Makes Noise' initial boudler problem) and FLASHED the highball dyno and mantle! We all just stood there dumbfounded! Amazing!

After some fun drinks and a barbeque on saturday night, Sunday saw us head out to North Black. Noone felt overly strong or had much skin so mainly some easy problems at the Campground and The Hill went down with Daniel doing the little v7 roof as a highlight of the day.

Awesome weekend all round :)

Tuesday night we headed out for an evening session at North Black where Danny sent 'G-Force' v8 at the asteroid and Richo did the v7 varient he hadn't done yet, then they headed back to the main area where Richo sent the tough as nails 'Sunday Gardener' v8 (hard v8 at that) - top stuff man... shikading!

This weekend is a long weekend so if the rain holds off hopefully I will have some more good news of great send to pass on soon!

Ps: I will try and get some more pics up again soon :)