Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hangboard Workouts

Just a quick one for you all...

I have put some hangboard routines that I am using at the moment up on www.athletebychoice.blogspot.com

There are 2; a pull up workout and an endurance workout. The hangboard is the only climbing specific training I am doing at the moment (aside from climbing on rock most days of course) alongside my strength and conditioning training and it has really been working a treat and I am seeing enormous gains in a short time frame... check them out :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011


So the Fall season is coming up and right now is the time to ensure we are in top shape for the good conditions!
I am training like mad to get in shape and it seems to be working well. I am doing a large amout of cross training and developing some great cross training programs that are helping with my shoulder problem (my shoulder injury from a few years ago was playing up recently and now since my cross training programs it is all but perfect again!). The cross training is focussing on strength conditioning and I am feeling stronger and stronger every day and losing weight too. I am putting the programs and circuits on a new blog I have set up... check out:
I'm working on some hard routes in preparation for my project out at Fuli too and getting good progress on routes up to Oz grade 30 so I'm feeling great right now!
Speaking of, I'm off to the crag so I'll see you all later!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi all!

So After a slight visa hiccup I had to bail from Taiwan a little early unfortunately. I had a great time climbing over there and catching up ith friends. Big thanks go out to the amazing Matt Roberston for his endless hospitality and to Adrien and Ya-Ping for the good times :)
I will be back to Taiwan one day soon for some more climbing, some surfing and maybe a mountain or two as well. So much to do in Taiwan!

I headed off to Malaysia for a few days to get a visa in Kuala Lumpur and wow, if you need a Chinese Visa but it in KL... 2 year multiple entry up to 6 months per stay... awesome, I don't have to worry about visa's for a long time now. Psyched!
I got to hang out with my great buddy Wei-Yeen who lives there in KL and is doing amzing work in the jungle with Sun Bears (her work sounds incredible!) and I got to eat great food relax for a few days then it was off home to Yangshuo.

I arrived home to find things are going great guns here. My fantastic flat mates have been bolting a new wall out near White Mountain which will have a stack of excellent routes, mainly over 5.12, all really long (read like 35 to 40 metres long) and gently overhung... super excited to try them out!

So it's back to training hard and getting in perfect shape for the upcoming fall season. Speaking of training check out www.bodyrock.tv - it is a website with free almost daily workouts done by a super fit girl who is distractingly cute. Her workouts are killer, try one of the bigger rep workouts or challenges... soooo hard. I am going to try to do one per day fr a few weeks to get in killer shape. Lets see what happens :)

Ok, I'm off to the crag soon, have a great day all! Go out there and get it!