Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some slacklining

Hey all,

Here's another little video of me and a few buddies slacklining in Yangshuo Park on a rest day. Ray had a GoPro camera so there is a mix of footage in there...
The winter is slowly arriving here, it is getting colder and greyer but we are still climbing like crazy. I have also started my winter training, psyched to get super strong over the winter and crush some rigs in the spring! I might have some cool news soon too, a little writing project to do with my other blog, - watch this space :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few routes at Lei Pi Shan

Hi again guys and gals,

Here's another little video from a day out at Lei Pi Shan recently. It has my good buddy and local strong man Aniu doing a lap on the uber classic 'Singularity' 5.12b as well as JJ having a shot on the tough 'Honky Tonk' 5.12d.

Sorry about the shaky camera again, I had a mishap with my tripod and had to hold the camera by hand again  :)



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finally, the breakthrough I've been waiting for...

So the autumn season is slowly creeping in here, albeit slowly. The leaves are changing colour and the weather is getting much better for climbing and, more importantly, sending.

Finally I have reached a breakthrough point in my climbing that I have been aiming at for a long time and I think it is of course all due to the training I have been following which has been working a charm... a few days ago on the 2nd of December I sent my first 8a+ / 5.13c / 30.

The route was one out at White Mountain called 'Gin & Tonic'. It is probably a touch soft for the grade but it is a great intro to the grade as it is my style (endurance with lot's of short boulders separated by decent rests.)and it is a 3 star route, awesome fun. I did the route on only my 9th try and while putting the draws on, I felt great and no where near my limit so I am super stoked knowing I'm not at my upper limit by a long shot yet!

I have stacks of other projects around town that I am close to as well and have more to try now that I am feeling confident and strong so today it's off to Lei Pi Shan to go try another project today.

Good times. Psyched!