Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy weather and new toys...

So it pretty much rained all weekend so not much climbing got done with the exception of Richo, Mel and I getting out to Snake Rock during a short break in the weather on Saturday arvo for a little stint of bouldering there.
I also just recently got a new Tamron 11-18mm Wide Angle lens for my camera so here are a few shots taken with it on the weekend.

Mel at Snake Rock boulders

Mel flashing a tricky highball... focus.

Some chump

Mel flashing another tough little problem

Richo barndoor-ing off a slightly high problem

Me setting out up the same highball

"I though you said it was a 'slightly' highball boulder... what the f*ck are the bolts about???"


A shot in my backyard on Sunday evening... Menacing

Sunset over my fence

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Charlie... were going to Candy Mountain!

It seems like North Black is going through a bit of a renaisance at the moment. The Vines were found and developed just weeks ago, someone has been re-cleaning an old lost sector called Area 51 and bringing it back to life, and we have just found and half developed a brand new sector called Candy Mountain.
Candy Mountain will have about 30+ problems in to v0 to v-friggin hard category so there is something for everyone.
A proper track has been made in to the sector and we are thinking of doing a workshop day out there to clean proper tracks to all the areas at North Black soon to make things a bit neater out there. Watch this space.
Also, there has been alot of talk of re doing all the Canberra bouldering guides (mostly done by Chris Warner) into a new and comprehensive guide to the blocs in the Canberra region, so again, watch this space for more info.
Here are some pics from the last few weeks, hope they tickle your fancy :)

Ian on a nice problem at The Vines

Richo setting out up a classic v1 at Candy Mountain

Richo on the same v1 again

Flash... Aaaah!

Russell bearing down on 'Buffalo Soldiers' v7 at Candy Mountain

Russell again on 'Buffalo Soldiers' v7 at Candy Mountain

Finger tip splittage ala Richo

A nice crack... and a v1 called 'Cheeky', Candy Mountain

Dave sending a nice v3 FA at Candy Mountain

Rusty going for the 2nd ascent of Daves v3 at Candy Mountain

Richo on 'Buffalo Soldiers' v7, Candy Mountain

The world is good...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mountains and more!

So the rain eased enough to allow us to kick on down to Boronia Point on Sunday and Monday so I did get to climb in the mountains after all :)

A great crew of old mates were all there on sunday I had a great day kicking it with the boys and getting pumped on top quality long routes, had a blast of a day!

Here are some pics from the day...

Nigel Campbell heading out for a crack on 'Mechanical Animals' 33/8c

Chris about to plunge off 'Liptus' 23

One of the best guys around, Elmar and his dog Bob

Elmar and Bob again

Sex bomb, sex bomb... I mean, this is Ren

Dangerous Dan kicking it on a 23

Ren on the same 23

When I got back to Canberra town I headed out to a new sector at North Black called The Vines to check out the new problems put up by Chris Warner and Andrew Bull, etc... its a great area with some quality problems at a range of grades... here's a few pics from Rusty...

Rusty on a 3 star moderate... so nice!

Me on a variant to the same moderate... Rawr! haha

And last but not least here is a cracker of a pic Rusty got of Richo on a route up at Mt Coree.
I'll be back asap with an update as tomorrow we are off to North Black again to start developing yet another new sector we have found out there... Keen!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So here I am in the mountains. Saturday was too wet to climbing and today is possibly worse, so it doesn't look like I'll be climbing :(

Here are some pics of various stuff that I have taken in the last few days. There are also a few from last saturday at Hollywood at the bottom.
Enjoy :)