Sunday, June 29, 2008

One last hoorah

So it is the last weekend before we head to the Grampians next saturday, and it was a great way to finish up before heading south.

Saturday saw us up at Cantaloupe Hill again where things went down left, right and centre, mainly from Ben haha

Ian sent 'Vendetta' v7 and I got up 'Stopping All Stations' v8/9 finally. Ben managed to do 'Vendetta' first shot after trying it before and then flash 'Stopping All Stations'... very impressive.

Then we went up the hill further where he sent 'Blood Makes Noise' v7 and 'Scream' v8... A mightily impressive day by any standards!

I took the big fall after missing the highball dyno finish of 'Scream' about 6 times... I'll have to go back for it another day.

Sunday Russell and I headed up to Castle Hill for a play around. We did a few nice east things and played on a great, hard project we found. Will have to go up and work on it some more... it was well 'ard!

Now its only 6 sleeps till we go on holiday! Woooooo Hoooooo!

Enjoy the pics :-)

Ben on 'Vendetta'

Ian on 'Vendetta'

Richo on 'Blood Makes Noise'

Ben on 'Phone Sex' v8

Russell on the project at Castle Hill

Russell on a nice Castle Hill moderate

The view up on Castle Hill

And finally... Ross Irwin, hot or what?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few pics...

Here are a few pics I took with my new camera on the weekend... I certainly dont have the full hang of it yet but I'm getting there. If you have any tips on taking better pics I am all ears, just leave a comment :-)

Russell contemplating 'Snake Bite' v4, Red Rocks

Russell on 'Snake Bite' v4, Red Rocks

Russell on 'Smoothie' v6, Red Rocks

Russell on 'Smoothie' v6, Red Rocks

Ben on 'Snake Bite' v4, Red Rocks
Ben on 'Smooth Predator' v6, Red Rocks
Ben on 'Smoothie' v6, Red Rocks

Ben on the awesome 'Sisyphus' v2, North Black

Richo on 'Wrestling' v6, North Black

Monday, June 23, 2008

Red Rocks and North Black

Well hello my little puddings of delight, how are we?

This weekend saw us head to Red Rocks on saturday which was a blast, except for Ross forgot his shoes so had to boulder barefoot haha... poor guy, we felt sorry for him but you have to laugh :-)

We all did some great problems and I put up two new problems, both about v6, called 'Smooth Predator' (a right hand exit variant of 'Smoothie' v6) and 'Interrobang', a right hand version of an existing v5 near the river that climbs the raddest slopers I have ever used... like bang!

Sunday saw the whole crew trek out to North Black. First stop was Frost Hollow where we warmed up and then Ross made short work of 'Wrestling', a tough and powerful v6 that Russell also made a solid ascent of.

After that we went to Dog Rock where I managed to send 'Snoop Doggy Dog' v8 on my 3rd shot, then Ben followed soon after. I was well stoked! We all then went and did a great v6 called 'Press Play', a classic problem, classic :-)

Well, we have one more weekend before we are heading to the Grampians for two weeks, cant wait, should be a blast, we are all keen as mustard, bring it on!!!

Here are few pics from Russell from this weekend, enjoy!

Me on the first ascent of 'Smooth Predator'

Ben on the classic 'Snake Bite' v4

Me on 'Snake Bite'

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camera's, the Creek and a lesson in patience...

Why hello my lovelies, I know its mid week already and I haven't blogged about the weekend yet so here it is, pics and all.

First up, Russell getting his camera finally inspired me to do the same so I bought a nice shiny new toy... silver, 3 speeds, called 'the dolphin'...

Jokes, I bought a nice little Nikon D60, so photographic superstardom here I come! I already have the hat to match and everything.

Saturday we all headed out to Pierces Creek. We started at the Playboy Mansion where Richo finally made a solid ascent of the ultra classic 'Public Enemy' v7.

Shortly after we headed to Cohiba and proceeded to all get our asses handed to us by the great v8 we were on last week... oh well, next time.

Then we walked around the corner and failed to do a single move on Matt Rissutto's crack roof problem... turns out we cant hand jam so well haha

After that we finished off at The Tumblers where Danny, Risho and I did the jump start & mantle v7... we did two variations of it, one left and one right... at about v4 and v5... both great problems but not quite as hard as they were meant to be.

So another great day had by all :-)

On a light note, the 'Peter' shirt is in existence now and Richo was this weeks 'Peter'... I will post about what 'Peter' is in length soon with a pic, stay tuned ;-)

Finally, we are still waiting on a shipment of new a new crach mat, shoes and other stuff for the Grampians trip we are doing in a few weeks... patience is being tested, but I can't wait to try on the new Evolve shoes...

Heres a few pics, enjoy!

Me at the new gym

Me at the Playboy Mansion

Richo sending 'Public Enemy' v7

Richo finishing 'Public Enemy'

Me at The Tumblers

Monday, June 9, 2008

God Bless The Queen

So this weekend was the Queen's Birthday long weekend, three days off from reality, booyah!
A group of us headed down to Ross's family farm at Peakview, on the Bredbo river.

Tons of unclimbed granite boulders spread over farmland along the river, a great place to get away to for some fun for the weekend.

We bouldered, Lisa rode her horse around, we even watched trout swimming among the boulders in the river... fun all round!

Russell has also finally got his new camera so we will have heaps of better pics to go on this blog and on his website:

I'll let the pics tell the story...

Getting high on the Sunset Boulder

Ross with Lisa on her horse

Ross on 'Tetanus Injection' v5

Me on the first ascent of 'Tetanus Injection'

Ben on 'Tetanus Injection'

Joel on 'Cheese & Crackers', an awesome v4 crack

Me on the first ascent of a great v3 up on the hill

Joel on the same v3

Monday saw Russell and I head out to Cohiba at Pierces Creek to put in some effort on a great v8 there. After a little while I found a sequence that works for me but I didn't have the skin or energy to finish it, but it should go soon enough.

Me on the v8 we were working at Cohiba

Thats all until next weekend kids, adios :-)