Just a brief introduction...

My name is Duncan Brown and I am an avid rock climber, photographer and musician from Australia. I have spent many years coaching a variety of sports at different levels including swimming, gymnastics, trampoline and rock climbing as well as competing in several sports myself over the years including rock climbing, swimming, soccer and rugby, I have written electronic and acoustic music for many years and performed all over Australia and more recently played some little acoustic gigs in China and Thailand. I also love my photography and do a variety of fun little photo and video projects here and there as well as having had a few shots published in magazines.

After many years living in China and travelling all around the world, I am currently living back in Australia, based in Canberra but spending a lot of time on the road exploring climbing areas and developing new routes and boulders.
Despite being a little bit older than the young stars of the sport these days am progressing rapidly of late due in no small part to the training I outline on my site: www.athletebychoice.com. I practice what I preach... everything on that site is exactly what I am doing here at home so it all works if you just commit the time and energy to it.

I Love where I live, what I do and who I share my experiences with and this site is all about those things. I hope you enjoy checking it out as much as I enjoying doing it  :)


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George Carlyle said...

Loved reading your blog. As a 62 year old bumbly climbing 12 to 18s in Victoria I get envious. Really well setout blog and fun to read. Just a little thing; you suggest starjumps. I understood because these don't cross the body's midpoint they neurologically switch off muscle responsiveness. That's why when school teachers warmup a student with reading problems we do movements that simultaneously involve left and right sides and cross the lateral line of the body. just a little point. Thanks again. George Carlyle