Sunday, March 10, 2013

Super Spring

The weather has been crazy here of late. Instead of a cold, wet winter we had a dry, mild one. Now the spring is continuing the trend with warm-ish weather, dry conditions... all perfect and conducive to lots of hard climbing.
Lately almost all my focus has been on a project at Lei Pi Shan that is proving to be a tough one for me, but the progress I am seeing every day is super inspiring and hopefully it's going to go soon!
For now here's a few pics from recent days... more of an update soon  :)

Curtis LaBouff on 'Thunder' 5.12d, Lei Pi Shan, Yangshuo

Chase Cazedessus on 'No Bamboo Rafting Today' 5.12a, Dag Crag, Yangshuo

For now it's off to the crag to get back on the project... psyched!!!