Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'd like to be, under the sea...

Well, under a pool anyway...
Last night I strated a beginners course for Underwater Hockey, and what a blast it was!
Such a fun game, and possibly the hardest game I have ever played. I spent a good portion of the game we played swallowing water and drowning due to my apparent lack of snorkelling skills haha
If you haven't seen Underwater Hockey before look it up on Youtube, there are plenty of vids.

Good times :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

50 in 1 - and other random adventures

Hi all,

Last week being my first week back after being sick and with me not feeling back to 100% strength I decided to try something different this weekend so I recruited some companions and headed to North Black on saturday to try and see if we could climb 50 boulder problems at North Black in one day.
Dave Pearson, Ben Fisher and I started out at 9:30am at The Hill with the only real rule being that at least one of the 50 problems had to be done at each of the 8 main areas (The Hill, The Campground, Upper Campground, Dog Rock, The Asteroid, The Hinterland, Baghdad & Frost Hollow).
Ben unfortunately had to leave when he reached 28 problems but Dave and I managed to soldier on to complete the mission, finishhing with the classic 'Sisyphus' v2 at Frost Hollow. We managed to climb 50 problems of varying difficulty (and quality) up to v7 and climb problems at all the main areas of North Black.
It was a hard little mission but one well worth trying. I think this is likely a record for the area, if you or anyone you know has done similar or better I would be interested to hear about it for sure!

In other news of the day Danny sent the crimpy 'Sunday Gardener' v8 - awesome work man!

Sunday saw us head out to check out the new bouldering at Link Road, potential everywhere! Can't wait to get out and establish more stuff out there!

Well, thats about it, I'll be back soon enough with more news I hope! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another weekend gone...

Well this weekend was a quiet one for me on the climbing front, I didn't head out at all due to still not feeling so great, but today I feel fine so I think its back to it this week.

Richo and Russell did head out to Corin Dam Road on Saturday though and both of them sent 'Phone Sex' v8 at Georges boulder and Richo also sent 'Blood Makes Noise' v7 up on Cantaloupe Hill, awesome stuff!

Last Thursday I headed to the Zoo to take pics, here are a few of my favourites, enjoy!


Red Panda




Baby Alligators

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I know its been a while between blogs (sorry Richo) but I haven't been all that well lately so I sort of have an excuse.
Last weekend saw us out at North Black again where Richo sent the unnamed v9 at The Hill for his first at the grade.. farkin awesome work man - Sherralang! haha
Russell also managed a repeat of 'Sunday Gardener', great stuff man.
We had another night session out at North Black last night too, Danny got close to the V9 at The Hill and I'm sure he will send soon, I worked on my other new line project there too making some great progress and should get it soon enough.

Here are a few pics from the other weekend at The Balkans and some from last weekend at North Black, enjoy!

Richo on the 'Eastern Block Arete', Frontline, The Balkans

Richo on 'Paratroopin', Frontline, The Balkans

Danny on the unnamed v9 at The Hill, North Black

Russell on 'Sunday Gardener', The Campground, North Black

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Night sessions

Just a quick one...

Last night Richo and I grabbed a lantern and busted out to North Black for an after work night session which proved very fruitful with me sending the unnamed V9 at the right hand end of the steep wall at The Hill. Stoked!!!
Richo made awesome progress on it too and I'm sure he will send really soon!



Monday, September 1, 2008

The Balkans

Hey all :-)

Well this weekend Danny, Richo and I hit the Balkans in Sydney for some bloccing on Saturday and had a blast.

We got there about 9:30 after some small detours (due to Richo forgetting a map :p haha) and Danny met us there soon after. We did some great moderates to get warmed up then put some effort in 'Paratroopin' v8. We got the sequence dialed but didn't quite get it done... next time for sure.
The Danny and Richo sent the classic 'Sloper Dan Milosovic' v5 and I did 'Boogie Knights' v8, so we were all pretty darn happy!

We did a few more moderates and with Richo sending a classic v4 (Battle of The Shirts? Can't remember the name.. that might be it), Danny doing a sketchy highball mantle and I got up 'Macedomia' v5.

So all in all a great day leaving us with very little skin left (Richo's tips were bleeding!) and some sore muscles on Sunday, but with an enforced rest day in Canberra on Sunday due to rain it was all about relaxing for the rest of the weekend.
We might make it up there again this weekend, and I might get some pics from the day up this week... watch this space.