Monday, August 20, 2007

Pics... Finally!

So finally, as promised, here are some pics from our trip to the grampians... the weather was ok most of the time and we managed to get up some great problems, I managed to get up a stack of v5's and v6's and was well chuffed with that, so did Josh, Steph and Linda were doing highballs all over the place and Danny manage to see half of the Stapylton area in his 2 days there... we managed to even squeeze a day in bouldering at Arapiles...

All in all, a pretty fun and successful trip :-) Enjoy!

Taipan Wall, Lower Taipan & The Snake Pit (top wall to bottom wall)

Big gaston press on a v5 at Trackside

Steph, post highball at Andersons

Danny busting it out on the only day we got on a rope. Some 22 up at Spurt Wall on Taipan

Josh trying 'The Nevin Rule' at The Kindergarten

Steph at The Snake Pit

Me on a v6 at Lower Clicke

Steph and I at Loopeys

Steph bouldering at Arapiles, under the massive Tiger Wall

Me at Epsilon Wall

And last but not least...
What the..?
(an ostrich at the zoo at Halls Gap)

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