Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Its been a while... again

So its been far too long since I wrote in here... mainly due to laziness I guess haha

The first month of the year is gone already and has seen its share of fun. Richo, Danny, Josh and I have been heading up into the hills to find cooler temps at Mt Coree and Hollywood a bit of late... thats right folks... roped climbing... something I have not done in a long time! But its been well fun, and I have managed to redpoint routes up to 25 which I am really happy about :-)

We also jumped on a rope in the blistering heat at Red Rocks last weekend which was fun too, as well as going down the rapids on blow up pool toys haha.

There has been a bit of bouldering too... North Black, Pierces Creek, Red Rocks and Hollywood.. but only when the heat allows really...

Hopefully there will be a heap more action on the blocs as the weather cools done over the next few months leading up to Easter!

I promise I'll be back in here writing more often from now on... no more being lazy haha

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