Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy weather and new toys...

So it pretty much rained all weekend so not much climbing got done with the exception of Richo, Mel and I getting out to Snake Rock during a short break in the weather on Saturday arvo for a little stint of bouldering there.
I also just recently got a new Tamron 11-18mm Wide Angle lens for my camera so here are a few shots taken with it on the weekend.

Mel at Snake Rock boulders

Mel flashing a tricky highball... focus.

Some chump

Mel flashing another tough little problem

Richo barndoor-ing off a slightly high problem

Me setting out up the same highball

"I though you said it was a 'slightly' highball boulder... what the f*ck are the bolts about???"


A shot in my backyard on Sunday evening... Menacing

Sunset over my fence

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