Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hmmmm... what to say.
Camille and I talked about this just the other day. How to describe what is going on at the moment. Its impossible.
So on a day to day basis I go to the Moondance cafe, study for 5 or 6 hours (I am studying my TESOL course - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - so I can teach English abroad), hang out with Camille, have dinner, maybe a beer, maybe watch the band at the Busy Bee bar, go to bed... seems pretty boring, right?
BUT, every day is full of suprises. IT's the people here that make the place so amazing. We have friends all over town (all Nepali), from the shops to the resteraunts, the bars to the parks, soooo many people know us and all have become our friends and this brings round some amazing experiences with the local people. It would be futile for me to try and expalin most of the experiences as without being here you cant really understand, which frustrates me as I keep having amazing experiences that I cant really share with people without them coming here first. But in short, lets say that the friendship, hard work, resilence, openness, love, passion and genuineness of the Nepali people blows me away on a daily basis. For people in a Third World country that have seen a recent civil war and ongoing political turmoil to be this wonderful is a testament to just how amazing humankind can be.
I will be here until the middle of July and then I am off to London and into Europe to climb... Psyched! Lots more time to enjoy Nepal then off on the next leg... Life is great :)

Phewa Tal at sunset (Fewa Lake)

One of my great Nepali friends

A dog in Phewa Park

Another of our Nepali friends

Barbed Wire & Beauty at Phewa Park

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