Friday, December 4, 2009

India update - Finally!


So it's been a while since I have written and I feel bad for being so lazy... but here it is, my last month in India.
Life in Hampi keeps rolling along nicely. Bouldering, yoga, relaxing, playing guitar... loads of fun with lots of great people. I have been plagued further with injuries though which is far from fun. My shoulder is much much better now and I started to climb well again but then I got a little drunk on Old Monk Rum, fell in a hole and cut my foot and toe open. So another 2 weeks off climbing for me to heal my foot. And to add to that I have a tweaked an A2 pulley in my right hand so I have to be careful of that too, but all that aside I am psyched and enjoying the climbing here.
While my foot was injured I decided to go on a little adventure with my friends Matt and Kristie and head up to Pune to visit the Osho Ashram there. Now the Ashram is hard to explain. It is a meditation Ashram but in a 5 star setting that is so amazing it is hard to explain. But, the actual workings and meditations in there... well... pisture a perfect blend of Zen Bhuddist Meditations and Jane Fonda workout tapes all located on the set of a Star Trek episode and with all the participants in matching Maroon or White cult style robes... interesting to say the least!
So now I am back in the Goan Corner in Hampi, relaxing and bouldering again with all my friends here. slowly but surely more and more friends are turning up ready for what is going to be an AMAZING Christmas and New Years... I cant wait!
Also, on the news front, I have locked in my new job for next year. I am psyched! Starting early February I will be working for China Climb based in Yangshuo in China! Guiding outdoor adventure sports all over China and living in a limestone sports climbing paradise for the year... its going to be amazing!

Highballing at Cosmic Cave
Baba Cafe

Luca at the Cosmic Cave

Wolfgang at the Cosmic Cave

Lewis at the Baba Cafe Boulders

The Rajastani Puppet Show

Bouldering at the Baba

Serious Chess time with Zoro

Einav b&w portrait

Nightime flash photography session

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