Monday, April 12, 2010

Yangshuo Update...


Ok. So I have been excessively lazy when it comes to blogging lately. Sorry about that! But it is for a few reasons. Firstly because I have been so rediculously busy here in Yangshuo with work, climbing and everything else and secondly because now that I have settled into a place it sort of feels like I would just be writing about the same old stuff over and over. I thought about it though and while it may seem a bit 'same-y' to me it is all new and exciting to all of you so it's high time I got off my ass and posted something!
So how's life in Yangshuo..? It's really turning out to be an amazing experience. Living in the midst of a new culture permenantly is such an exciting experience. Getting to know another culture well is amazing and learning a new language in a place where I am using what I know on a daily basis is just so rewarding. My Mandarin Chinese is getting better every day and I am now at a point where I can talk a little bit about a few different subjects and understand alot of basic conversation. I am putting in the effort of learning as much as I can so that I can finally say that I speak another language properly... I'm really excited about it.
Climbing is going great too. I am climbing at least a few times each week and feeling really solid on stuff up to about 512d (or 7c, or 27, or whatever grades you speak in) and I have some harder stuff in store too, including my epic project at Fuli. So I have mentioned before that I really wanted to bolt a really long super pitch project... well I did it. Its about 65 metres of non stop action... 30 metres of really steep angles and roof climbing out a massive cave followed by 35 metres of overhanging face climbing.. its EPIC! The super steep bottom half is about 5.13a followed by the face which is about 5.12b so altogether maybe 5.13c? Who knows, whatever it is it will be my hardest climb for sure, but I can do it! I nearly sent the bottom half last week so it will go soon and it will be time to try linking it all together... Cant wait!!!
And work... well work is very challenging. I work really hard and do loooong hours but it's worth it for the mental challenge it is providing. On top of my project management roles I now also manage our bar, the 'Lizard Lounge'. So it's all go, but it's great none the less!

Here are a few pics of some stuff I get up to around Yangshuo... enjoy!

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Mike & Mick in front of one of my photos at the Lizard Lounge

Xiao Ming, Duke and Liang Meng getting the Lizard Lounge ready to open

The China Climb gang having dinner at the Riverside Retreat... nice view hey?

Eddie and little Max at Wine Bottle crag

Eva, one of my favourite portraits I have taken here

Tony, the ruler of Fuli

Bodo, our Fuli mascot

Andy slacklining at Fuli

Lanterns at the park during Chinese New Year

Mike and some nice girls cruising the Li Jiang on a bamboo boat... all in a days work ;)

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