Saturday, July 24, 2010


So its morning on a blue sky winter day and I am sitting at my parents beach house, dad is playing blues on the guitar, my sister and mum are making something tasty in the kitchen, my 1 year old nephew that I have just met for the first time is crawling around and I am copying music from my old hard drive that I really miss and I have already been for a run and done yoga on the beach. It's not a bad day as far as things go really :)

Things have been good here in Oz. I have been out climbing loads with my crews both in Canberra and in Sydney and havin' it large all round!

Last week saw me head up to Sydney to hang out with my crew up there. I headed out bouldering with my close mate Chris Webb Parsons who is just back from the US. We hit up Sunnyside where Chris has now done the first ascent of 'One Of A Kind', yet another V14 first ascent to his name, strong boy! My good friend Pete Tosen also made a super solid ascent of 'Combat Wombat' v11 which was bawse!!!

Here's a video of Chris doing a few things both back in the US and here in Oz recently... enjoy!

So yeah, things have been fun, headed to Sydney, climbed more at Nowra and also got one of the tattoos I wanted done by my good friend Matt's little sister Meg. I'll post a pic of that soon :)

For now here's a few pics of some climbing...

Pete Tosen sending 'Combat Wombat' V11 at Sunnyside, Sydney

Chris Webb Parsons on the finish of 'One Of A Kind' V14 at Sunnyside, Sydney

The sun rising over the highway on the way to Nowra

Frosty morning fields on the way to Nowra

Greg on the fantastic 'Axis Of Evil' 24 at Occupied Territories, Nowra

Peace my friends... dodge the unstoked :)

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