Monday, January 31, 2011

Allie Pepper on Everest!!!

So I am really lucky to know some really amazing people around the world. People getting out there chasing their dreams and inspiring me to do the same. This is just one of those people that I count myself really lucky to know. Allie Pepper.
I first met Allie years ago when I lived in the Blue Mountains in Australia. She was inspiring then and only more so now.
This year she is setting out to try and make an ascent of Everest via the South Col route from the Nepal side. Without supplementary oxygen! You go girl, so psyched for you!
Check out Allie's blog to follow her progress and support her on her epic adventure!

Allie Pepper on the summit of Cho Oyu in 2007

Lots of love to you girl, I'll be cheering you on from here... I would say good luck but your not going to need it :)


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Allie Pepper said...

Thanks Duncan!! You are awesome too and keep living the dream :)