Friday, April 22, 2011

Im lazy, I know...

So I hear you... I have been super lazy with this blog of late. But it's more just that there hasn't been alot of news of till recently.
So I have just moved house to an amazing apartment with huge rooms, big living spaces, we built a hangboard, there is a yoga nook, nice big kitchen, the works... super happy!
And we have some new cats here in town that are super psyched on developing new stuff with us herre this season and some new walls have been scouted and even a few new boulders scrubbed up so things are lookin g exciting for this year here in Yangshuo.
In other news I am also now working for Evolv here in Yangshuo helping with there sales and marketing here in China's premier climbing destination so I am super excited abeout that!
Aother than that my knee is good for sure so its been training, training, training in the hope that I can have some good shots on my project before the summer!
Training, running the bar, studying Mandarin... thats about it lately... good times... but now that the weather is getting good hopefully Ill have some news for you all soon!

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