Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not much to report...

So it's been a few weeks between posts again as there hasn't been alot to report really. Well, there has been a little, but not lot's.

So the weather is getting hot, hot, hot... and humid. It's sweaty good time out at the crag already and it's not even full summer yet. Crazy. But despite this things are slowly getting done. I have managed to get up a heap of the 5.12's on my list ( I wrote a list of all the 5.12's I hadn't yet climbed here in Yangshuo and I'm going around getting them done) and even a 5.13 too, my first in a while now and with attempts going well on some others I should be able to drag my ass up a few 13's in the fall I hope :)

We just got in the new Shaman's and Geshido's here at Evolv so I am rocking out in a pair of Geshido's thos week to see how they go. So far so good but I'll write up about them properly later. So far they are great on gently overhung stuff, loving them. Here's a pic of what they look like...

Only other news really is that I'm going on holiday soon. Yep, life here is tough so I need a holiday haha. I am heading to Taiwan with my good friend Adrien to house sit for our buddy Matt, look after his dog Skippy and head out for a heap of amazing trad climbing at the sandstone sea cliffs of Long Dong (I know, I know, but Long Dong means 'Dragon Cave in Chinese, so no jokes haha).

Super excited to check out a new place, plkug some trad gear and swim in the ocean for a few weeks... should be a treat :)

So that's about it for now. Gotta get my gear ready and get out to a nice shady crag for the rest of the day!

Always psyched!!!

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