Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taiwan - Tai Hao le!

So I am settled in here in Taiwan now and will be for another 5 weeks or so. My good friend Adrien and I are looking after our buddy Matt's apartment and his dog Skippy. We live in a place called Hsinchu which is a few hours drive from the amazing climbing out at Long Dong but we have a nice training facility here at the IClimb climbing gym so we are psyched. We headed out to Long Dong on the weekend for my first taste of the amazing sandstone sea cliffs they have on offer and I was super impressed.
Beautiful golden sandstone walls rising up out of the waves, quarts crystals coating sections of the walls and shimmering in the sunlight, blue and white waves crashing against the rock shore, friendly people everywhere and amazing food galore. I could get used to this place :)
Here are a few pics...

The view from our camping spot on the cliff tops

Sunrise over the ocean, this is what we wake up to from our camping spot

Luxury camping - roll mats and a pink mosquito net under a picnic shelt

Just in case we weren't aware...

That is our picnic / camping shelter up there on the cliff

Adrien taking skippy across the rope traverse to some of the sectors at Long Dong

Me on a fun little solo

Me and the stone and the surf

Another Long Dong classic completed

The infamous Skippy

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