Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let The New Year Begin!

2014 has landed. Yet another new year comes in to being and with all the usual festivities and celebrations we are off to a flying start.
Christmas was spent enjoying some quiet family time at my family home down on the south coast, sleeping by the beach, eating amazing food, and jumping on trampolines with the kids. Always a great way to spend Christmas. Boxing day was the usual, slightly out of control revelries by the pool with my friends in Canberra. New Years saw myself and my friend Kerryn do a little road trip down to Jervis Bay to camp by the beach, swim in the ocean, relax at my friend Jack's house and take it pretty easy for a few days.
Now it's back in the Blue Mountains for some slightly sweaty summer bolt clipping for a week or two before heading back to Canberra briefly and then back off to the Grampians and Araps for a month.
There is so much exciting news just on the horizon, with some amazing announcements coming up that I am bursting at the seams to tell you all about, but some of them will have to wait  ;)  One that I can tell you about is that my good buddy, Chris Webb Parsons is on his way to Australia right now, sitting on a plane as I type this, and I just can't wait for him to get here. It's been years since we last climbed together and now after a long time we will be hitting the road to the Grampians and Arapiles together again, road tripping just like the old times - super psyched!  :)
Now it's coffee time and then off to the crag, hope you're out climbing something today!

Jack struggling at pool whilst wearing a 200 year old diving helmet on New Years Eve

Tianjara Falls, NSW - a little stop off for a beautiful view during a drive between Nowra and Canberra

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