Monday, September 10, 2007

Chris sends 'Sleepy Rave' 8C!!!

That strong little punk, Chris Webb Parsons sent 'Sleepy Rave' an 8C link up in the Hollow Mtns Cave in the Grampians... Dai Koyamada put it up on his trip here a few years ago and its pretty much the whole cave link up sans 'Extreme Cool', 7C,at the start...

Heres what Chris had to say:

"Well i'm in the Gramps and the weather has been great.I got here and was feeling a little out of shape due to not climbing for a week cause of my injured finger but it has healed well and i can really yank on it again. Yesterday i did a problem called Sleepy Rave 8C which Dai did on his trip out here to the gramps a while back. The problem is a link of Sleepy Hollow into Cave Man into Dead Can't Dance and is almost the whole cave link up which is called The Wheel Of Life 8C+. I just have to link a V8/V9 into the start of it. So i have one more week left down here in the Gramps to try and climb The Wheel, but there are many other boulders i want to climb so we will see what happens.....stay tuned!!!"

Good work man, now go back and finish the whole 'Wheel of Life'!!!

He is there for a little bit longer so heres hoping he can nab the 2nd ascent of the whole cave link :-)

Good luck man!

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