Monday, September 24, 2007


What a fun weekend :-)

Caught up with a heap of old mates, drank a little too much and had a ball!

Saturday was the bouldering comp at the Canberra Indoor Rockclimbing Centre... was a fair turn out and the setting was all good so it was a fun day.
Opens was won by Chris Webb & Samantha Berry.
There was also a speed climbing comp at the end and I was conned into going in it after having a few too many beers... speed climbing in sneakers afer 5 beers doesnt work kids! Hahaha

Sunday was a pretty chilled excursion to North Black. Starting at the Campground, Dave Pearson & Chris Webb quickly repeated 'Nob Jockey' (which they had done before)... shortly after that Ben Cossey did the classic 'Zacs Arete' aka 'The Nothing' in about 2 shots... Chris did it again too after a little while (hes done that one before too.).

After that we ducked over toThe Hill and Steph did he nemisis that she dubbed 'Index'. A large flake pulled off it last time she was on it, crushing her index finger and causing her alot of pain and blood loss, she has got her own back on it now though :-)

Dave and I played on the little steep wall at the Hill for a while before heading home to relax the evening away.

Keen as mustard for next weekend!

Take care all :-)

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