Tuesday, November 13, 2007

North Black

Well the weekend just gone had a bit more rain than we would have liked for bouldering but the land needs the rain so I am sure we can put up with it!

It rained way too much on friday night for us to boulder on saturday so we trained out at the gym in Mitchell for a few hours in the afternoon...

On sunday all was well though so Ross and I headed out to North Black and had a pretty successful day!

We started at 'Frost Hollow' where Ross did a nice v3 and I did an extended start to the awesome 'Sisyphus'... we then tried a few hard things and got thoroughly spanked on them haha

Then we went and had a quick burn on Chris Webb's unrepeated 'Lonesome' v11... damn that thing is hard, and such an awesome line! Long term project for sure ;)

After that we headed to 'The Hill' and we both flashed a nice v4. I also did a new first ascent on the steep wall there... Starting on the low edge and undercling on the far left of the wall (its a bit of a short man start) then up and right to a new top out between the left hand problem and the v8 in the middle... I called it "Smack My Bitch Up' and its about v6.

So all in all a good day that left us psyched to get back out there and finish off unfinished business!

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