Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pierces Creek

So yet again it is nearly the weekend and I am only just getting around to telling you all what we got up to last weekend haha

Well last saturday Josh, Dave and myself (with Josh's 2 yr old girl Hayley too of course!) got ourselves out to Pierces Creek for a bit of granite action.

We had a ball, but didn't actually manage to get up anything... we played on 'Gastagon' v7 at Cohiba, only to fall just short of the burly opening gaston move time and time again! But we were close so it will happen sooner or later :-)

Then we were of the The Playboy Mansion to try 'Public Enemy' v7. Josh did well but the reachy cross through moves shut me down... but not to worry, I'm keen to try again because it is such an awesome line... a truly classic Canberra line!

Then Josh headed home and Dave and I stopped in at The Tumblers so I could try out one last problem. Again I left empty handed, but psyched to go back and finish what I'd started.

All in all a fun day that left us keen to get back out to Pierces Creek to finish off some tasty granite lines!

Heres a few pics.. enjoy!

Me trying, and trying, and trying to stick the first move of 'Gastagon'

Josh crossing his way through the start moves of the awesome 'Public Enemy'

Me again on the last problem of the day

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