Saturday, May 17, 2008

More North Black

Today the crew all headed out to North Black again for an early morning start before the rain set in. And what a morning it was!

There were sends of the classic 'Socks' v6 by nearly everyone as well as several ascents of the nice v7 to the left of it. Ross also managed a rare repeat of Ky Wittich's 'Bumknut' v5(?).

Then we all jumped on the mega classic 'Zac's Arete' and I managed to get up it... although I made a complete mess of the top out (watch the video.. you will see what I mean haha)

Another top day all round :-)


Chris Webb Parsons said...

nice one mate so good to see.

Anonymous said...

Man that was totally awesome not long now till double digits!!!

Your bum does look great =)

Anonymous said...

was ross the guy who was carrying the pads and making sure no one stole the cars?

Duncan said...

- Cheers Chris, hope your well over there in swizzy mate :-)

- Anon: That's Ross alright... he is also in charge of the half time oranges ;-)

Anonymous said...

O'come on Ross we always get the strongest guy to look after the cars dont take it to heart =)

Im looking forward to the half time oranges this week Ross so dont let me down also have you happened to wash that pink shirt you own for Danny because I dare say he will need it.

Ye Baby

Love Richo