Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Classic or Plastic?

Or both?

The weekend was a bit of a blur for me... an awesome afternoon bouldering on saturday followed by an overly long night of partying that saw sunday as a write off... but it was a good laugh :-)

Saturday arvo we headed to Pierce's Creek for a shot on the classic 'Public Enemy' v7 at the Playboy Mansion.. and finally Russell hiked it and I followed suit a short while later... it was a great time.. such a great problem, perfect sunny but cool conditions... everything autumn climbing is about!

We played on a problem at Cohiba for a while after that as the sun set then headed off for beers and shenanigans.

This week has also seen the completion of the the new climbing gym here in Canberra and its really good! Great bouldering / training set up and a great set up for all your top roping and leading desires too... and being only a few hundred metres from my work I can see a lot of training time being spent there this winter!

Heres a few pics from the weekend:

Russell and Richo at Cohiba

Me at Cohiba

Sunset over Canberra

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