Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting...


As Lily put it, drizzle and gristle. Thats this place in a nutshell at the moment... rain most days and stange meat for dinner haha.
I am really enjoying Yangshuo. It is a pretty town with a stange blend of the rustic and the obvious tourist attractions. Old stone bridges, cobbled streets and street markets alongside tourist buses and river cruises.There is a great crew here, all fun people with a great vibe, and more friendly folk are on their way here in he next few days which will be fun! Today is a rest day so it is basically just a case of sit around, check emails, drink coffee, go for litle wanders around town, play cards... thats about it. There are other things we could be doing but we are all really lazy, so not much gets done. Not sure what it is about this place, but we do alot less climbing than you would expect and never have much energy to do much on rest days... strange, not sure what the lack of energy is from, but it's noticable in everyone.That being said we are still managing to do a reasonable amount of climbing. I have climbed some great routes up to 7a+ in a few shots and have a few harder things I am psyched to finish so hopefully some bigger news soon :-)

Everybody was kung fu fighting...

Looking out over the old battlement wall at the Chicken Cave

Tobi waiting for our taxi back from the crag

Tara on 'Power Of One' 7a+ at Lei Pi Shan

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