Saturday, April 25, 2009

More from the Yang!

So things are pretty much back to normal since the robbery incident aside from not having a laptop to write my blog from or play with photos on.
The team has been climbing away with a few of the guys sending their projects aroundthe place (Nic sending sending his first 8a and Tobias sending an epic 8b+ being the most notable for sure!). A few more Tonsai folk have turned up including Nina and Rachelle and the vibe here is pretty good again, everyone psyched to climb in between plenty of chilling. We have been climbing at Lei Pi Shan mainly but had a great day at The Egg the other day for a day of chilled onsighting, heaps of fun!
I have bolted a new route at the crag Lei Pi Shan so that is my main source of psyche at the moment, should be able to do it pretty quick so I am psyched on a new first ascent :)
I twinged my back yesterday though, so today is a day of chilling with a great massage thrown in for good measure. Tonight will be karaoke and beers followed by another rest day tomorrow then monday it's back out to Lei Pi Shan to send my project!
I am really enjoying this town, nice and relaxed atmospherewith friendly locals, I can see myself spending quite some time here, but I will make some plans for my next destination soon-ish, maybe head to the Himalaya's for a while next, not 100% sure, but will decide soon haha.
Thats about it for now, more news soon once my back is better and I get out to send!!!

Tools of the trade, bolting at Lei Pi Shan

Heading out to The Egg

The view from The Egg

The guys on the back of a motornike taxi heading back from The Egg

Me on the motorbike taxi heading back from The Egg

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