Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Final hours in Asia...

So here I am sitting in Thamel in Kathmandu waiting out my final hours before getting on a plane bound for London.
It sort of feels like a completely new chapter coming up, not just a new country, but after 6 months in Asia and near 3rd world conditions now I'm heading to Europe and it's 1st world trappings and to be fair while I am excited I am more than a little dubious that I will enjoy it as much as my last 6 months... but we will see.
I will definitely miss Nepal... after spending 2 months here I have grown really attached to the place, the people, the scenery, the food, everything.
As if to bid me farewell, the sky's were crystal clear and blue as I left Pokhara yesterday giving me a perfect view of the Annapurna mountain range with its snow capped peaks looming out of the jungle clad mountains below... just amazing.
I have learned a lot here in Nepal, about myself and many other things, to hard to go on about here, but I assure you, I am leaving a better person for the experience.
I will be spending some time in London and Glasgow over the next few weeks, then its off bouldering in Austria and Switzerland, climbing in France and Spain, surfing in Morocco and bouldering in Fontainbleau... that's the basic idea but we all know how much my plans change from one minute to the next so we will see how it all pans out.
For now I'm off, some last Nepali food, then its 'Pheri Betaunla' Nepal, 'Namaste' Europe!

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