Sunday, July 19, 2009

London Calling!

So Asia is all over for the moment and I am sitting in my friend Sophie's cosy apartment in London. It was a sad day eaving Nepal for a alot of reasons but now it's off for a new and different kind of adventure!
After not much sleep over a 3 day period that included an 11 hour bus ride and an overnight set of flights I arrived a little worn out in London, relaxed for a day, slept a bit then headed out for my first day of tourist activities today. Today I went to the British Museum which was amazing, but I have to go back as I foolishly went without my camera so I will head back there during the week. I'll post some pics of London soon as I am off to do the obligatory Big Ben, Westminister Bridge, Houses of Parliament, etc tomorrow :)

For now here are a few last pics of Nepal.

I'll miss that place.

Ed Tranah - Jedi (and boy band wannabe haha)

Camille and Ed on our balcony

Camille looking at the Annapurna Range


Below are all photos from the Rice Planting Festival in Pokhara that I went to a few weeks before I left Nepal.

Dhorje - my man in Pokhara

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