Monday, October 25, 2010

Guizhuo Madness - Part 1 - The Climbing Festival

So I have a few stories to ell. Both take place in the same place at the same sorta time but are two different things. So first is first...

A couple of weeks ago I headed off to Guizhuo province, a few hours from the capital, Guiyang, to take part in a climbing festival there. I headed up there with my good friends Jiang Yong, Jen, Mick, Dane and Fabian by plane then buses to the beautiful valley that hold the village of Getu and the National Park that is the crowning jewel of the area.

We spent 3 days rocking out a Speed Comp and Onsight Comp with the usual Chinese opening and closing ceromonies, pop celebrities and good fun shenanigans. Good times all round in a beatiful place with great people.

Heres a few pics... more coming soon, plus part 2 of the trip...  ;-)

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