Saturday, October 30, 2010

阳朔攀岩节 - Day 1 - Opening Night!

So the Yangshuo Climbing Festival (阳朔攀岩节) started yesterday with an opening ceremony and slideshows along with free beer and lots of catching up with old friends from the climbing scene around China. Good times. Then it was off to Bar 98 for some bday celebrations for Jen and John - Happy Bday's kids!
Here's a few pics to get things rolling... full report on the festival afterwards  :-)


Jon... so hot right now

Drunk arm wrestling = sore elbows today

Andrew = Hero

Duo Duo!

Me with my new friends Yuji Hirayama and Emily Harrington

Panda, love this kid!

Seeing friends is always exciting haha

Dane... "I heard this is where they are hiding the free beer..."

Jen, the birthday girl



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Drew looks just... amazing!
God that man can grow hair!
I do vote next Movember he has to grow into a full Wolverine to make it fair on everyone else, ear hair and all ;)