Saturday, September 24, 2011

The season begins!!!

So after months of temperatures in the high 30 celcius range and humidity peaking out near 100% the good temperatures and conditions of the autumn are finally peaking their heads out from under the steamy blanket of summer.
And with good temps comes more visiting climbers and more psyche and the town is starting to feel like a climbing town again with great folk from all over the world popping in on our early season to crush routes all over the place.
Psyche is high and the season is looking to be a great one already! In the last week I managed a quick ascent of 'Paper Cut', a great 7c+ at Lei Pi Shan as well as the amazing 'La Liao', 7c, at Banyan Tree (sans one move that I use a draw on as it tweaks the heck out of my old shoulder injury and we don't want a repeat of that now do we!)
So I am also going to try and be a little less lazy with my camera and get out and take some pics of things around here as things go down. I got out to Lei Pi Shan yesterday and snapped a few shots of my friends Fabrice and Leon on the amazing 'Da Bao Yu' 7b+, check them out :)

Fabrice Vanbecelaere from Belgium on 'Da Bao Yu' 7b+

Fabrice again... pocket pulling!

Leon Khazanov from Israel pre crux on 'Da Bao Yu'

Leon crushing mid crux

The amazing main wall of Lei Pi Shan... it's all steep up there! :)

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