Monday, September 19, 2011

Shan Xi Climbing Festival

So the other week I headed up to Shan Xi province with my buddy Jake to attend another crazy Chinese climbing festival.

It was the usual crazy event with nice hotels, police escorts everywhere we went, massive ceremonies and the usual political hulabaloo.

But it was great to see a beautiful new part of the country (despite the fog and rain) and to catch up with a heap of friends from anound the country that also came up for the event.

Good times all round really :)

Here's a couple of pics...

The foggy view from our hotel room to the cliffs

Police and military security for the event

Military everywhere...

At the drizzly opening ceremony

Ola with a pretty insect friend

The 70 metre high toprope routes that the comp was held on... pumpy!

Starting off up a route...

The finalists...

My good buddies Ryan and Kata

The drizzly closing ceremony...

These things always have lot's of good food :)

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