Thursday, July 26, 2007


So Richo still hasn't given me the pics of the Joker yet... slack ass that he is haha

Well, Josh Higgins and I (and our respective other halves of course) are off to the Grampians, leaving tomorrow... Steph and I are there for 2 weeks and Josh, Linda & bubba Hayley are down for one week.

Hopefully we can pull down as hard as we have been around home lately and come home with some nice sends!

We will probably go get on a rope on a couple of days, maybe I can convince Josh to do something multi pitch on Taipan ;-) But I doubt it haha

I'll try and add a few pics and an update while Im down there, but failing that I'll do it when we get home.

And Richo is off to Europe to chase girls for a few months as of Sunday so we will be missing him, but when he gets home he better be straight onto the Bloc's again with us or we will have to buy him a new blouse to wear :-P


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