Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend sends...

Over the weekend Josh Higgins and I both managed to send 'The Joker' v6 up at Cantaloupe Hill on Corin Rd... we both tried it last weekend, then managed to get up it in a few shots on saturday... well stoked!
Were both feeling well good for our trip to the Gampians next week :-)
Josh also repeated a v7 at Lot 33 in Nowra on sunday too, he had done it a few years ago but cruised it again this weekend, which can only means we can expect good things in the Grampians!

Up in Sydney, ex-Canberra strong man Chris Webb sent 'Genesis' v13 at Crumbly on saturday.
It never ceases to amaze me just how strong he has gotten since we started climbing together here in Canberra... such a strong lad! Good work bro!

I'll post some pics of us on 'The Joker' as soon as Richo emails them to me.


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