Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun in the sun...

Hey all, hope we all had good weekends!

And to all those having a long weekend this weekend due to labour day... nuts to you all... Its not fair that Im stuck here at work while your all out having fun :-(

Oh well... I made up for my lack of a long weekend by thouroughly enjoying the two days I did have.

Saturday Dave Pearson and I met up with Danny Ewald and his mate Coby up at the Balkans in Sydney.
Danny and I managed a few v5's amongst a stack of other fun, easier stuff (There is so much fun stuff there!) and Coby, having never climbed a day in his life bouldered a few v3's like a natural!

Dave had a blinder of a day sending 4 x v5's, 2 v6's ('A2 is not a Tank' & 'Who Killed The Kennedys') as well as 2 v8's ('Boogie Nights' and 'Paratroopin') both is few shots!
The kid is sooooo strong at the moment and its only going to get better... might have to break his legs or something to make it a bit fairer haha Nah, farkin good stuff Dave :-)

Sunday saw Josh Higgins and I head out to Georges Boulder on Corin Dam Road to check out 'Phone Sex', a classic Canberra v8.
We warmed up by doing the v4 traverse then jumped on 'Phone Sex' only to get shut down.
We both didnt feel too strong but the problem felt way too hard for us... but after a chat with Dave last night we might have been missing the right sequence... next time might prove a bit more fruitful with the right beta... We'll see soon enough :-)

Anyhow, take care, have fun and I'll drop another line in here soon!


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