Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sexual Innuendo?

It must be the week for sending!

Chris with his mammoth effort on The Wheel on saturday, then a bit of luck for some of us here at home...

Last night we ducked up to Corin Road after work where Danny Ewald made quick work of 'The Joker' v6... (It should be noted that Danny first ever rock climbed 5 months ago, and he is now pretty solid on the v5 - v6 range... VERY impressive!) then we ran down the hill and drove to Georges Boulder before the light failed and I managed to send 'Phone Sex' v8... my first hard problem like that in over 4 years.. so Im stoked!!!

We will be back out there Thursday this week after work as Josh & Danny are both really close to 'Phone Sex' as well... hopefully we can all send this week :-D
I'll get some more good pics of it on Thursday and get them up in here for you all to see this week!

Take care,


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