Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter: Part 1

So here it is, Easter, Good Friday and the first good (cold) conditions we have had in months!
Today was a nice cool day so Richo, Danny and I headed to Pierces Creek. First stop was the tumblers and we all did a nice highball v4 face / slab to start with.

Richo on the nice highball v4 at The Tumblers

Then after playing on a few other things Danny made quick work of the v6 version of 'Tonka Truck'

Danny on 'Tonka Truck' v6

Then we headed up to the Playboy Mansion were I jumped on 'Violent Crumble' v6 and did it first shot no problem at all, then did another lap on it for good measure haha. This was the problem I hurt my hamstring on several weeks ago so I was happy to do it so easily. It is also listed as being a v8 called 'Respect Is Burning' in the guide but that problem no longer exists since the fires so it is basically a whole new problem, hence the new name.

After that we all sent the highball crack line on the main boulder that finishes right as for Public Enemy. I nabbed the first ascent and called it 'High On Crack' and its about v4/5.

Richo getting 'High On Crack' v4/5

We all then jumped on 'Public Enemy' and had a really good session on it. Danny got nearly to the arete and the end of the hard section and Richo and I managed to do all the moves for the first time ever. We are all really psyched to get back there soon for another burn now that we know we can do it!

The weather is meant to be great for climbing all this weekend so watch this space for more updates soon!

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