Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter: Part 2

Yesterday was another great day! Richo and I headed out to Red Rocks in the morning and had a great session out there. We both started off by doing a classic v4 called 'Snake Bite' then another nice easy but tricky problem.

Richo getting ready for 'Snake Bite' v4

After that we went and jumped on an amazing v6 arete called 'Smoothie' which I did after falling of the crux jump a few times.

Me on 'Smoothie' v6

We left Red Rocks in the early afternoon and had a bite of lunch before heading out to Cantaloupe Hill on Corin Dam Road to try a nice v7 there called 'Vendetta'. We made some good progress on it but were too tired to get close enough to it.

We stopped on the way home at Snake Rock to check out the bouldering there for next time and found that it has some great blocs and some cool looking lines so we will be definitely go there soon. We also decided to go for a bit of a four wheel drive up to an old and mostly forgotten crag called Castle Hill. After a bit of a drive we arrived on top of an amazing mountain covered in granite boulders with a sensational view over the valleys of Canberra below. We did a couple of very easy problems and cant wait to get back there soon to explore the place properly. Apparently there was at one time in the past about 100 cataloged problems there but it has been lost to history except for numbers marking each problem at the base of the boulders (we only found problem number 32 so there are many more to find). We cant wait to get back up there!

An example of the boulders and the view at Castle Hill
(And the access, see how close you drive to the blocs! Talk about lazy haha)

Me about to do a nice easy problem on Castle Hill

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