Sunday, June 29, 2008

One last hoorah

So it is the last weekend before we head to the Grampians next saturday, and it was a great way to finish up before heading south.

Saturday saw us up at Cantaloupe Hill again where things went down left, right and centre, mainly from Ben haha

Ian sent 'Vendetta' v7 and I got up 'Stopping All Stations' v8/9 finally. Ben managed to do 'Vendetta' first shot after trying it before and then flash 'Stopping All Stations'... very impressive.

Then we went up the hill further where he sent 'Blood Makes Noise' v7 and 'Scream' v8... A mightily impressive day by any standards!

I took the big fall after missing the highball dyno finish of 'Scream' about 6 times... I'll have to go back for it another day.

Sunday Russell and I headed up to Castle Hill for a play around. We did a few nice east things and played on a great, hard project we found. Will have to go up and work on it some more... it was well 'ard!

Now its only 6 sleeps till we go on holiday! Woooooo Hoooooo!

Enjoy the pics :-)

Ben on 'Vendetta'

Ian on 'Vendetta'

Richo on 'Blood Makes Noise'

Ben on 'Phone Sex' v8

Russell on the project at Castle Hill

Russell on a nice Castle Hill moderate

The view up on Castle Hill

And finally... Ross Irwin, hot or what?


Anonymous said...

Definatly hot. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am doubtfull...