Monday, June 9, 2008

God Bless The Queen

So this weekend was the Queen's Birthday long weekend, three days off from reality, booyah!
A group of us headed down to Ross's family farm at Peakview, on the Bredbo river.

Tons of unclimbed granite boulders spread over farmland along the river, a great place to get away to for some fun for the weekend.

We bouldered, Lisa rode her horse around, we even watched trout swimming among the boulders in the river... fun all round!

Russell has also finally got his new camera so we will have heaps of better pics to go on this blog and on his website:

I'll let the pics tell the story...

Getting high on the Sunset Boulder

Ross with Lisa on her horse

Ross on 'Tetanus Injection' v5

Me on the first ascent of 'Tetanus Injection'

Ben on 'Tetanus Injection'

Joel on 'Cheese & Crackers', an awesome v4 crack

Me on the first ascent of a great v3 up on the hill

Joel on the same v3

Monday saw Russell and I head out to Cohiba at Pierces Creek to put in some effort on a great v8 there. After a little while I found a sequence that works for me but I didn't have the skin or energy to finish it, but it should go soon enough.

Me on the v8 we were working at Cohiba

Thats all until next weekend kids, adios :-)

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