Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camera's, the Creek and a lesson in patience...

Why hello my lovelies, I know its mid week already and I haven't blogged about the weekend yet so here it is, pics and all.

First up, Russell getting his camera finally inspired me to do the same so I bought a nice shiny new toy... silver, 3 speeds, called 'the dolphin'...

Jokes, I bought a nice little Nikon D60, so photographic superstardom here I come! I already have the hat to match and everything.

Saturday we all headed out to Pierces Creek. We started at the Playboy Mansion where Richo finally made a solid ascent of the ultra classic 'Public Enemy' v7.

Shortly after we headed to Cohiba and proceeded to all get our asses handed to us by the great v8 we were on last week... oh well, next time.

Then we walked around the corner and failed to do a single move on Matt Rissutto's crack roof problem... turns out we cant hand jam so well haha

After that we finished off at The Tumblers where Danny, Risho and I did the jump start & mantle v7... we did two variations of it, one left and one right... at about v4 and v5... both great problems but not quite as hard as they were meant to be.

So another great day had by all :-)

On a light note, the 'Peter' shirt is in existence now and Richo was this weeks 'Peter'... I will post about what 'Peter' is in length soon with a pic, stay tuned ;-)

Finally, we are still waiting on a shipment of new a new crach mat, shoes and other stuff for the Grampians trip we are doing in a few weeks... patience is being tested, but I can't wait to try on the new Evolve shoes...

Heres a few pics, enjoy!

Me at the new gym

Me at the Playboy Mansion

Richo sending 'Public Enemy' v7

Richo finishing 'Public Enemy'

Me at The Tumblers

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