Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well I am as late posting this week as ever, haha. The weekend is nearly here and I'm just posting about last weekend!
But with reason, I have had plenty on my plate, moving house, etc, etc so I have an excuse :-)

Last saturday saw us head out to North Black in perfect conditions to tear up some granite treats and test out Russell's new remote flash for his camera.

I managed to get up a few things including a v8 and v9 at The Hill (although the 9 is more like v7 in my opinion), as well as 'G-Force' v8 and a v7 at The Asteroid. So I was chuffed with my day!
Everyone else did really well and made great progress on the classic 'Zac's Arete' v8. We are heading back there this saturday so they all can hopefully send it!

Here are some pics from Russell using his new remote flash, I got some good ones too and will post them soon :-)


Me on 'Zac's Arete'

Danny on 'Zac's Arete'

Me on 'G-Force' v8, The Asteroid

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