Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grampians pics

Well here you go, a few of my pics from our trip, enjoy :-)

Ross on 'The White Destiny' v5, Andersons

Richo on 'A Horse is a Horse' v4, The Kindergarten

Russell on 'The Nevin Rule' v7, The Kindergarten

Me on 'Krusti' v9, Hollow Mountain Cave

Danny on an unnamed v3, Andersons

Ross on 'Rave Heart' v8, Hollow Mountain Cave

Seong Jae on 'Amniotic World' v9, Hollow Mountain Cave

Christina on 'Flash Gordon' v8, The Kindergarten

Paul on 'Cave Man' v10, Hollow Mountain Cave

Joel on 'Waiting in the Air' v7, The Snake Pit

And what trip to the Grampians is complete without the obligatory shot of Taipan Wall...

Lots of love from the man behind the lens :-)

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